Special Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches root in ancient cultures thousands of years ago as an important identification tool for military and other uniformed personnel. They create a high-class look, and become affordable for ordinary person to take for daily decoration nowadays.


With development of the embroidered craft, we could combine different techniques on an embroidered patch to keep detail as possible as we can to accomplish it vividly. We can make detailed logo/background as woven or dye sublimation printing with other simpler logo/text to be embroidered, adding a sense of layering to make the entire design outstanding. Such finely finished patches will be a hit, no MOQ limit in JIAN, contact us to learn more!  



-Material: Twill fabric, Threads

-Size & Color: Customizable

-Logo: Embroidered, Woven, Dye Sublimation Print

-No minimum limitation

-Packing: Standard poly bag or according to customer’s requirements.

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