High Quality Custom Lanyard | Custom Printing Lanyard

High Quality Custom Lanyard | Custom Printing Lanyard

Unleash the potential of your Custom Lanyard beyond its functional role. While it securely holds your keys or ID badge, it seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Attach it to your bag, use it as a stylish accessory, or let it be a reflection of your commitment to sustainability by choosing eco-friendly materials. The adaptability of the Custom Lanyard extends its influence beyond the professional realm, becoming an integral part of your daily life and a visual representation of your unique identity. This isn't just a lanyard; it's a personalized statement that accompanies you on every adventure.

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Years of customized production experience

38 years OEM professional custom product experience, global customers from more than 150 countries, high production capacity as 1,000,000pcs per month

Environmental protection certification

Accredited green label enterprise, in house testing lab & electroplating workshop, fully-equipped sewage treatment

High safety standards

Equipped advanced XRF analyzer to detect toxic element, only use safe materials in compliance with US CPSIA & Europe EN71-3 standard

Well known enterprise partners

High quality at factory direct price, no MOQ, the reliable worldwide license business partner of Porsche, Disney, Walmart etc.

We Have The Best Solutions for Your Business

Established in South China in 1984, Dongguan JIAN is a professional OEM manufacturer. Our comprehensive products include but are not limited to metal products, embroidery patches, woven patches, lanyards, soft PVC items, silicone products and promotional items.

JIAN is the synonym of custom-made Lapel Pins, Emblems and Badges manufacturer. Being the professional manufacturer of custom-made Metal, Embroidery and Soft PVC emblems for more than 40 years from Taiwan, what we can convince customers are efficiency, specialist, sincerity and excellent quality.  With the sales office & factory in the same location in Dongguan, China, we are at the advantage position to catch customers unique ideas for designing and shorten the communication time between Taiwan-China or HK-China , JIAN believes we can provide customers the professional service you never had before.

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Beyond Identification: The Versatility of Custom Lanyards in Everyday Life

Our Custom Lanyards transcend their traditional role as mere identification holders. While serving the practical purpose of securely holding badges or keys, they seamlessly integrate into your daily life with unparalleled versatility. These lanyards are not confined to professional settings; they become an integral part of your lifestyle. Use them as eyeglass holders, camera straps, or even as stylish accessories for your USB drives. The adaptability of Custom Lanyards extends beyond convention, becoming a dynamic expression of your individuality that enhances various facets of your daily routine. Experience the fusion of functionality and personal style as your lanyard seamlessly blends into your everyday life.

Craftsmanship in Every Stitch: The Artistry of Custom Lanyard Creation

Embark on a journey into the realm of unparalleled craftsmanship with our Custom Lanyards. Each lanyard is meticulously crafted with precision, transforming it from a functional accessory into a work of art. Our skilled artisans pay meticulous attention to every detail – from the selection of high-quality materials to the intricate stitching. This commitment to quality ensures a seamless blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. The Custom Lanyard becomes a tangible testament to the artistry behind its creation, setting a new standard for lanyards that goes beyond mere utility, defining itself as a sophisticated piece of wearable art.

Functional Fashion: The Fusion of Practicality and Style in Custom Lanyards

Experience the fusion of practicality and style with our Custom Lanyards, where functionality seamlessly meets fashion. Beyond their visual appeal, these lanyards are designed for comfort and ease of use. Choose from a variety of attachments and lengths to tailor your lanyard to suit your specific needs. Elevate your daily experiences with a lanyard that not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances your overall aesthetic. Our Custom Lanyards redefine the concept of functional fashion, proving that an everyday accessory can be both utilitarian and a statement piece, blending seamlessly into your lifestyle while making a lasting impression.

Elevate Your Brand Presence with Custom Lanyards: A Distinctive Identity Statement

Introducing our Custom Lanyards – a sophisticated avenue for brand elevation and individual expression. These lanyards transcend the ordinary, evolving into a powerful branding tool that makes a lasting impression. Beyond the practical functionality of holding identification badges or keys, our Custom Lanyards become an extension of your brand's identity. Tailor the design to encapsulate your brand's colors, logo, or tagline, ensuring a distinctive and cohesive representation. Whether utilized for corporate events, conferences, or as a part of everyday office wear, these lanyards serve as dynamic ambassadors, leaving an indelible mark and reinforcing your brand with distinction.

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The quality is as great as always! very professional seller

Make fast turnaround time to hit my event date, so thanks to JIAN

Thoughtful & professional seller. The quality is as great as always!

I am very impressed by Jian's professionalism, surely will buy again.

Frequently Asked Question

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No colors limited. The logos and colors can be customized with CMYK offset printing. Silkscreen printing colors can match to PMS color standard.

There are no MOQ limited for existing base colors, only the set up charge for the printed designs on the lanyards. The more the quantity, the better the prices will be.

Lead time for normal custom lanyard orders is 2 days for artwork making, 7-10 days for samples including to issue the printing films, and 10~15 days for production of order within 5000 pcs. The lead time for special lanyards like ECO friendly lanyard, Glow in the dark lanyard, Reflective lanyard, PVC lanyard, Silicone lanyard, LED lanyard may need some more time. Urgent cases or big orders can be negotiated case by case.

All the lanyards can be packed in cartons. We normally use FedEx/UPS/DHL for normal orders, it takes about 2~3 days to deliver if everything goes smoothly for custom clearance. Sea shipment or air shipment are available for big order.

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