What kinds of products are you offering?

As a professional manufacturer & Wholesale for promotional & gifts items.
The range of our products includes Lapel pins, Badges, Cufflinks, Medals, Tie clips, Keychain, Military coins, embroidery patches, lanyards and our extended products includes soft PVC keychain, magnets, tin button badges, bottle openers etc.

What shape can my pin be?

Any shape you want. We custom manufacture all of our products from scratch, so we can make them any shape, any size and any design.

What is hard enamel pins?

Hard enamel pins are long lasting and durable with a very high quality appearance. The craft is a multi-step enamel process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items. For hard enamel, the enamel is added before the plating. The enamel powder is added and then stone-polished flat to the same level as the metal die lines. Each color must be baked in the oven one by one which adds to the process and cost. Once all the colors have been added then the badge can be electroplated and polished again to complete the badge. The numerous polishing processes is why the badge can achieve slightly less detail than soft enamel and why some of the metal lines are likely to spread in production and be thicker than the original design. Our hard enamel process is a modern process of the traditional hard enamel process and the main difference between our hard enamels is the actual enamel.

Cloisonne Features:

1. Can be preserved for 100 years without fading because it is derived from mineral ore.

2. We use hard enamel powder which import from Japan, it is mineral powder so there are only several mix color but no color differences.

3. After been burned at 850 degrees centigrade, it will have hard and smooth enamel surface, which is resistant to scratching and falling off.

4. With the features of high quality and time durability, it is the most suitable choice for corporate pins, event pins, convention pins and military pins.


Only a few factories can produce cloisonne products, and in the Pearl River Delta, JIAN is the only one that can do it. If you are interested in creating a custom hard enamel pin, please contact us today. Our sales representatives can help you decide what type of pin is best for your design.



Origin of Pewter Pin Badges

Tin utensils and tin crafts are a kind of traditional products with a long history. Because of the noble, elegant, soft texture and bright brilliance they have always been cherished and collected by the upper and middle societies in China and the West, they are also a symbol of social status and wealth.

The pewter pin badges and tin "pilgrimage jars" found in the pyramids of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt (1580-1350 BC) are the oldest known tin products in the world. In the Japanese courts, carefully brewed royal wines are served in tin utensils. British and German royalty also loved the use of tin vessels for beer. The Roman Empire was the earliest civilization to use tin ware on a large scale for domestic use.

The reason why tin utensils and tin crafts enjoy such a noble status comes from some excellent characteristics of tin metal itself. Tin is a softer metal with a lower melting point and strong plasticity. It can have a variety of surface treatment processes and can be made into a variety of products. There are traditional and elegant European-style wine sets, candlesticks, noble and elegant tea sets, as well as fascinating vases and exquisite eye-catching table decorations. The styles are all comparable to shiny silverware. With its elegant appearance and unique functions, tinware has been popular all over the world, and has become a daily product for people and a great gift for relatives and friends.

Process of tin products
1. Casting: Cast each product with a fine iron mold.
2. Manual Frustration: Rough edges are filed by hand.
3. Mechanical polishing: Use a machine to remove the surface of the product to achieve satin gloss.
4. Welding: The perfect welding interface must accurately judge the time and temperature.
5. Hand polishing: Carefully wipe the surface with special leaves to give a special gloss.
6. Quality inspection: Quality management personnel carefully check every detail of each finished product to ensure compliance with high quality standards.

Maintenance of tin products
1. Remember to store pure pewter pin badges in a clean and dry place.
2. Never use a dishwasher or brush to clean pure tin products.
3. Avoid pure tin fines coming into contact with flames or placed in heated areas.
4. Those who live near the sea must clean the tinware more frequently, because the large amount of salt in the air will make it tarnished.
5. Use warm water for cleaning. After cleaning, wipe with a soft dry cloth.
6. Wipe with a soft dry cloth and high-quality silver finish to make the surface as clean as new.
7. After the tinware is used for a long time, the color of the pattern will become dark. You can boil the lotus stem or lotus leaf with water, wipe and wash, and it will be descaled as new.
8. If the tinware oxidizes the spot for some reason, you can cut it in half with fresh tomatoes, rub the spot with the cut surface, and leave it to rest for a few minutes, then wash it with water, and the rust spot can be removed.

Types of tin products
There are about 200 kinds of tableware, wine, tea, sacrifice, stationery, smoking, coffee, beer, vases, trophies and decorations. The shape is pretty, the processing is exquisite, the decoration is beautiful, the carving method is exquisite, the knife is like a pen, and the product is bright.

Advantages of Soft PVC Products

Soft PVC technology is closely related to our lives, and many products in our lives are inseparable from this technology.
Soft PVC products have strong weather resistance and are not easy to fade, so soft PVC products can provide different color options according to needs, and can even provide transparent and bright colors. Soft PVC technology manufacturers can provide various soft PVC products, such as bottle openers, winding machines, clips, PVC clips, coasters, key chains, key chains, PVC labels, lapels, luggage tags, PVC magnets, PVC medals , Memory card readers, mobile phone holders, PVC pens, photo frames, USB flash memory frames, wrist straps, etc. Because the products manufactured by the soft PVC technology are stable, these products are more durable.
PVC materials with special requirements generally need to be imported from abroad. The more well-known foreign countries are the United Carbonization Company and the Nordic Chemical Company. With the continuous research and development and technological accumulation of major research institutes and production units in China, domestic PVC has been changed. The formula design and manufacture of sexual materials have reached the international advanced level, and have completely replaced imported materials from abroad, and many products have been exported abroad.DONGGUAN JIAN PLASTIC & METAL PRODUCTS LTD is an enterprise with mature soft PVC technology. It has very good development prospects and can provide customers with high-quality soft PVC products.

custom metal badges of Jian are popular around the word

Jian has been a professional manufacturer of customized metal, embroidery and soft PVC logos in Taiwan for more than 35 years and many of its products are conservatively praised worldwide. The custom metal badges can be said to be a more prominent product.
Jian has cooperated with many famous companies or events with its excellent custom processing technology of custom metal badges. These companies include Disney, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, etc., and sports events include NBA, NFL, NHL, FIFA, Super Bowl, etc. It can be said that it has been widely recognized.
Taking sports events as an example, the metal medals or metal badges it produces are of very good quality, and the workmanship is very fine, and the fine processing technology is very good. The badge pattern produced is very beautiful and vivid, and it is not easy to damage. It can be stored for a long time and is very commemorative.Therefore, Jian has attracted many customers by virtue of the quality of its products and excellent service, and it has also been loved worldwide.

What are the material of the table mat? What material is good for the table mat

What are the table mat materials? What material is good for the table mat? The table mat is mainly used to protect the table. If you encounter something very hot, the table mat can protect the table top. However, there are many kinds of table mat materials, and the effect of using different table mat materials is different.
table mat

Table mat material:
1. Silicone table mat. Silicone table mats are relatively common, mainly used as table mats for tea cups. This kind of silicone table mats can be designed with different patterns, and there are many choices in the color of the silicone table mats, and they can guarantee that they will never fade. However, if the silicone table mat comes into contact with something that is too hot, it will easily turn black, and it will not be easy to clean up after a long time of use, and it will easily turn black.
2. Cotton table mat. This cotton table mat is very absorbent and can be used as a table mat for tableware. The table mat can accept high temperatures and can control the temperature to avoid being burned. Cotton table mats are easier to clean up after use. The material of cotton table mats is very soft and the use effect is very comfortable. However, the material of the table mat is relatively fragile, and there will be more stains after a long time, and it will not be easy to clean up, and there will be bacterial residues.
3. Bamboo table mat. Bamboo table mats can be found in many restaurants, especially those that make clay pots. The bamboo table mat has good heat insulation and can prevent scalding and damage to the dining table during use. Bamboo table mats can also be made into different shapes, which have high practicability and high ornamental value. Bamboo table mats can prolong the service life and avoid insects. The most important thing is that the price is also very affordable.
4. Hemp table mat. Hemp table mat is a table mat made of hemp as a material. This kind of table mat has a long service life and is very durable. Hemp table mat is a very strong table mat. When the hemp table mat is used, it has a good insect-proof effect, and it is also very convenient to clean up after using the hemp table mat.
5. Plastic table mat. Plastic table mats are also very common nowadays. The quality of plastic table mats is very light, and there are many styles. It is a relatively environmentally friendly table mat, and plastic table mats can be printed with many patterns and colors. Kind of, similar to silicone table mats, knowledge plastic table mats are harder.
6. Paper cloth table mat. Paper cloth table mats are generally not washable with water, so they are generally used as disposable table mats. Paper cloth table mats are also the latest type of table mats, all made of environmentally friendly materials.

What is tinplate? Can it be used as a PVC USB Flash Disk Drive box?

Tinplate is an iron sheet wrapped in tin. Because of the stability of tin, tinplate can be used in a variety of packaging. Because of its metal texture, fashion, safety and convenience, more and more people choose tinplate packaging. Tin has stable chemical properties and is not easily corroded, so tinplate can be tinned. In this way, it can be ensured that some products in the package will not be affected and can be stored well.

PVC USB Flash Disk Drive box 3
Tinplate cans are widely used as packaging, and can be used as PVC USB Flash Disk Drive boxes, candy boxes, pencil boxes, skin care products boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc.

How to order ?

Import from China, It can not be more easy even you are not a company and have no import license, We can deliver the goods to your hands by FedEx/DHL/UPS or By Air.

It is so easy like following steps:
a). Tell us which items you are interested in or what you need us to do for you by E-Mail / Call / Fax ;
b). We will send our quotation to you based on your requirements;
c). We will send a sample to you for testing after confirming the price ;
   Ordinarily, you will have to pay the sample charge, but it can be refunded when you confirm the order.
d). We will start mass production after receiving your confirmation for the sample;
e). We will ship the goods to you once the goods are ready.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

In General, Our MOQ is 300 PCS per item. But as we do understand that our clients would like to test market response before placing Volume Order, We will consider to take even your first order is less than 300pcs.

I have a design, how can I send it to you?

You can email us, fax us a copy or mail us a picture. We accept all types of file formats; including ai, eps, jpg, pdf and others.

What's different between silkscreen and offset printing?

It is different printing technique and mainly differ in color presentation. Silkscreen often used for simple design with less and solid colors while offset printing is suitable for complex artwork and tonal colors. E.g: more like a photo effect looking.

Why can't stainless steal be plated?

Stainless steel has a coating on it to prevent rusty, therefore no plating is needed.  We usually do plating on products that made of Bronze, copper, iron, zinc alloy and pewter.

What is CMYK in the offset printing?

CMYK each letter represents the color that used in offset printing – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.

Why does stamping need metal borders?

With stamping process, is metal border necessary?

Why can' t we use stainless steel for stamping?

Stainless steel as well as iron are high density materials. 

Stamping on high density materials, the mold will be easily damaged and result in high product default rate, therefore it is not recommended.

What are the differences between Synthetic, Soft, and Hard Enamel?

The major differences between these three coloring materials will be in terms of production techniques and color rendering.
Synthetic Enamel is probably the best material to render bright and shiny for colors in a reasonable cost. Colors are leveled evenly to the metal boarders and totally flat on the product surface.

Hard Enamel differ from Soft and Synthetic Enamel.  It is natural mineral substance and melted during heating process.  It is not as bright and shiny as Soft and Synthetic Enamel, but the color lasts for hundred of years without destroying on purpose.

Soft Enamel, in general speaking, it is cheaper in cost compare to Synthetic and Hard Enamel. It has a similar color render to Synthetic Enamel but color zones recess and lower than metal boarders.  Metal boarders are easy to define.

Precautions for Printed Acrylic Stand in the screen printing process

1. The printing film can not be replaced by laser print draft or sulfuric acid paper draft. It must be a positive or negative positive film output by a professional manufacturer. Each time you output, you must output one more blank film with positioning crosshairs. When printing, first fix the blank cross-hair film on the glass plate with transparent tape, and other color films should be based on this, so that the position of the screen can be kept consistent.
2. For fine screen production, high-resolution imported photosensitive glue and high-tension and low-stretching imported screen must be selected.
3. The printing ink should use high-gloss, friction-resistant organic glass ink, especially matte ink when printing on the surface, because this ink is not resistant to friction and the color is not gorgeous.
4. Screen printing color matching is generally carried out based on the experience of the screen printing master. Because the number of screen meshes used in each batch of orders is different, the thickness of the photosensitive film is also different, which often causes the color cast of the printed product, "the ink color in the barrel" No, I will see the true face after scraping on the page" which explains this truth. Therefore, each batch of orders must be printed out with the printed screen for trial printing, and the customer can confirm that the color is consistent with the original before entering the formal printing.
5. Large-format paintings must be printed with a screen printing machine, and small-format paintings can be printed with suction pads. During the printing process, six consistency should be maintained: 
①The screen spacing of multi-color screens should be consistent; 
②The printing speed should be the same; 
③The printing pressure should be the same; 
④ Keep the ink consistency consistent;
⑤The hardness of the large and small scrapers is the same when printing by hand;
⑥ Maintain the same temperature and humidity in the printing workshop.

There is often a lot of static electricity and dust on the surface of the Printed Acrylic Stand. If the dust adheres to the screen, it will cause the text and color blocks to be incomplete and waste products. Therefore, printing must be carried out in a clean and dust-free room. The surface dust can be removed in two steps. First, wipe off the surface dust with a damp cotton cloth, and then use an electrostatic dust removal brush or dust removal roller to remove the remaining dust. When printing, check while printing. If any problems are found, clean the screen in time before printing.

What is your production lead time?

1). for sample: 7 days upon receipt of your confirmation for sketches or samples
2). for mass production: within 14-21 days upon comfirming the samples, it depends on the 

What kind of payment do you accept for custom badges? Do you accept the payment through Credit Card or Pay pal?

At present, we accept the payment by T/T and by Credit card for the small amount.

We are Not aim to to do one-time business. We are going to build strong and long term relationship with all of ourclients . Our success is based on customers' satisfaction. Further more, each order has a SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) to follow.  Production is only proceeded after all details have been confirmed.  We do 100% inspection of your custom badges before shipment, and take responsibility for default goes beyond acceptance.

What guarantee do we have since advance payment is required?

We are Not aim to to do once-business. We are going to build strong and long term relationship with all of ourclients . Our success is based on customers' satisfaction. Further, each order has a SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) to follow.  Production is only proceeded after all details have been confirmed.  We do 100% inspected before shipment, and take responsibility for default goes beyond acceptance.