Promotional Custom Silicone Keychains/Silicone Keyrings Ideally Fit for Events

Silicone Keychains

Silicone keychains or keyrings are the great products for people who want their message to stay top-of-mind. This collection of key chains is made from high quality, high tensile strength silicone, which is incredibly
hardwearing, long-lasting, it won’t break, nor will its colors fade. Silicone keychains or keyrings are the ideal promotional product for promoting your organization & company & event or fundraiser, they will help individuals to remember your message everyday and next. Also, JIAN supplies many types of other keychains, email us for more information.

● Eco-friendly silicone material
● Mixed or segmented color, glow in the dark are available
● Text and logo can be printed, debossed, embossed or color filled

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JIAN has been working in silicone keychain area since 1984. JIAN's vision and enthusiasm for silicone keychain is unlimited, which drives us to continue to provide only the best to customers. We are able to propose, create and deliver promptly to our clients an end products that would not only satisfy their needs but also be within budget. Finish custom samples within one week, and complete orders in 15 days. Takes advantage of our quick turnaround time---contact us now.

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Automatic Coloring Machine
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Send Inquiry & Design
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Prepare Artwork
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Inspection & Packing
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