Metal Carabiner Hooks Beaded Lanyards with Swivel Clip

Lanyard Accessories

Lanyard Accessories are used as an extra add on to your lanyard from pass/card holders to trigger clips. Metal Buckles & Clips suitable for most lanyards and many other product designs. We have plenty of metal clips and accessories to choose from. As a general rule its best to keep the mechanism simple and lightweight.

We offer variety of attachment for lanyards.
ATT-01, ATT-02, ATT-03, ATT-04, ATT-05, ATT-07, ATT-09
Thumb Shape, Oval Shape Hook, Carabiner Hook, Japan Hook, Plastic Swivel Hook
ATT-10(Swivel Type), ATT-10(Plastic), ATT-10(1/2 Metal), ATT-10(Whole Metal), Bottle Opener
LED Carabiner, Carabiner, Plastic Badge Reel, Mobile Phone String
Safety Buckle, Plastic Whistle, Adjustable Bead, Badge Clip, Split Ring