Soft PVC Keychain with LED Light

Soft PVC is durable material that allows intricate designs with a high degree of resolution. You can create any shape and any size of PVC keychain in 2D or 3D that reflect your brand & your products or service.
Great for corporate or promotional events, it offers a range of daily uses. There are many ways to make the item more attractive, such as to make the PVC keychain that could light up in the darkness by installing a LED light, such fancy keepsake would be liked by people. It is a memorable way to remind your potential clients of their great experience with your company.

● Material: Eco-friendly soft PVC
● Logo: Single-sided 2D, Double-sided 2D, Single-sided 3D, Double-sided 3D, Full 3D
● Color: PMS matching
● Accessory: Wide range of options available