Fashion metal In-car air freshener

Foul odors in your car can be painfully embarrassing. Avoid being shamed by your friends and colleagues with car air fresheners should be a best choice. Give your car's interior a long-lasting, fresh fragrance that fits your style. Air fresheners keep your car pleasantly scented while masking any odors. Jian's freshener gel is adjustable if you prefer a strong or subtle scent.

Car Air fresheners keep the interior of your vehicle smelling great, masking stinky odors, such as those that come from food spills, pets, and smoke. When choosing an air freshener, you might have a hard time picking the perfect car fragrance. Some popular scents include pine, pumpkin, and new car smell, among others. In addition to the car scent, you also need to consider the delivery method, including hanging air fresheners, gels, and liquids.

After buying a car air freshener, change it when it expires for best results. Keep in mind that some delivery methods, such as devices that clip to a vehicle's air vent, allow you to refill them with small packets of the scent you desire.

Product Specifications:

Material: SUS316/ Zinc-alloy 

Surface treatment: Gold, Nickel, Black Nickel, Rose Gold

Size:130*58*32mm & 118*89*32mm & 65*63mm

Attachment: Essential Oil;String; Tassel; Sticky Pad