Pewter Badges

Our badge manufacturing experiences make us to be proficient to produce many kinds of special & fine Pewter badges. They are all hand made by high quality standards of raw pewter and skillful casting for a Sharp Clean Design, All with Hand Polished on sides one by one. Hand Painted using quality enamel paints.

For 3D sophisticated designs, our skillful sculptors make prototypes by hands first, then use CNC machine to create molds to get very valid effect as your original images.



● Logo can be 2D or 3D, raised or recessed per your requirements.

● Available material: Pewter - #0 material contains 98% tin &2% antimony, #6 material contains 97 ~ 99% lead &1~ 3% tin

● Size: Can be customized per your requirements or even very big size

● Color: Imitation hard enamel (soft cloisonne), soft enamel or printing according to PMS chart

● Plating: Gold/ silver/ cooper/ bronze/ white nickel/ brass fake gold/ satin gold/ satin silver/ satin nickel/ black nickel/ dyeing black/ gun color/ antique gold/ antique silver/ antique bronze/ antique copper/ foggy painting gold or two-tone plating

● Attachment: Various from popular ones to deluxe ones to comply with different level demands

● Packing: individual bagging, or according to customer’s request.